Welcome to My Horse Heart!

My name is Carmen, and I am learning the art of living.

I am deeply passionate about horses, but it is the work between horses and people that gives me hope for the world. I decided to write this blog to share my story; perhaps I can help inspire, intrigue, and encourage others to follow their horse hearts.

Since 2010, I have been working as a full time Farrier (hoof care for horses). I am on the board of directors for The Horse Sanctuary, a therapeutic riding facility and horse rescue. After taking a *dream come true* apprenticeship with world renowned best-selling author, Linda Kohanov in Arizona, I am now an Eponaquest POH and MH Instructor. I am excited to be bringing Equine Facilitated Learning to the world of people and horses, and be able to coach with these concepts without horses present as well. This non-verbal communication, emotional and social intelligence based approach can be beneficial to literally anyone from any background, as it has been for me.

I grew up in Montreal, Quebec, and studied Social Services at Dawson College which gave me purpose and a way to help others. As life can do, I was thrown a curve ball which created a big shift, taking me places I never dreamed of.

I currently live with my husband on our farm in Muskoka North, caring for four horses, two cats, and two acres of vegetable gardens. I am a rider, a musician, a poet, and now a blogger!

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and I’m honoured to share it with you.

Pure joy.