Riding My Way To Grace

Since I became a farrier, every week someone offers me a free horse. Every week, I say no.

There are always horses looking for homes for a plethora of reasons, and I am honoured people feel that I would be a good owner. That being said, horses are incredibly costly in time and money. Declining such offers became second nature as my rational mind triumphed over my heart that really wanted to save them all.

Despite avoiding having a horse of my own, I began to ride when I started shoeing. I had a handful of riding experiences as a kid, but I learned very little and knew much less.

I started out taking lessons with a couple of clients and it snowballed from there. As I travelled my farrier rounds, I would be encouraged by many to hop on their horse and soak up the pearls of riding wisdom they had to offer. I carried my helmet and riding boots in the truck with me at all times just in case an opportunity presented itself.

The talented school master, Bailey, teaching me to ride without stirrups.

Over four years, I rode seventy-five different horses, some once, some multiple times. I had lessons from people who were beginners like me, Olympic level coaches, and everything in between. It didn’t matter what discipline they wanted to share: English, Western, Bareback, Bitless, Jumping, Dressage, who cares! I was open to learning anything that involved me on a horse. All interrelated, each riding style built on the others. The best teachers were the horses; some more patient than others, but all giving me invaluable lessons.

Getting a jumping lesson on the mighty Ottis. 

In June of 2014 I was offered another beautiful soul, and as usual I said it wasn’t possible for me to take her. Accepting my refusal (or perhaps not), my client offered I take her for a ride anyway. I swung my leg over her huge, majestic, black body and something changed. Of all the horses I worked with and rode, this was the first time I felt my consciousness melt and swirl with the incredible beast beneath me. My horse heart beat with hers, and I knew my answer had become yes.

Her name is Grace.

Grace saying hello to her new life.

How has your horse heart helped you make a decision? Would love to know, leave me a comment.

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