Welcome to My Horse Heart!

I’m Carmen, a driven horsewoman, coach and farrier.

I am deeply passionate about horses, but it is the work between horses and people that gives me hope for the world. I decided to write this blog to share my story – perhaps I can help inspire, intrigue, and encourage others to follow their horse hearts.

Since 2010, I have been working as a full time Farrier (hoof care for horses). I am on the board of directors for The Horse Sanctuary, a therapeutic riding facility and horse rescue. After an intensive *dream come true* apprenticeship with world renowned best-selling author, Linda Kohanov in Arizona, I am now an Advanced Eponaquest Instructor.

I am excited to be offering Equine Facilitated Learning and Horse Inspired Leadership with and without horses. This socially intelligent approach can be beneficial to literally anyone from any background, as it has been for me.

I grew up in Montreal, Quebec, and studied Social Services at Dawson College which gave me purpose and a way to help others. As life can do, I was thrown a curve ball which created a big shift, taking me places I never dreamed of.

I currently live with my husband, Aquila, on our farm in Muskoka North, caring for four horses, two cats, and two acres of vegetable gardens. I am a rider, a musician, a poet, and now a blogger!

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and I’m honoured to share it with you.

Loving life.