My Horse Heart and Yours

“My Horse Heart” not only refers to my love of horses, it symbolizes a way of being.

The average horse’s heart is at least ten times the size of a human’s. Sometimes I envision my own muscular organ growing and expanding to that size so that it can completely encompass all the magnificent attributes of these large herbivores: authenticity, integrity, connection, compassion, bravery, and a wild spirit – just to name a few.

Incorporating the wisdom of these powerful prey animals into my own life has given me a courageous freedom to follow my heart. My horse heart.

Looking back, I see how many of my decisions were directly linked to this perspective. This is especially true when I felt I was at a fork in the road and had to choose which path to take. I had many people tell me at each step that it was wrong, or that I couldn’t do it. It doesn’t seem to matter what “it” was, there was adversity at every corner, and yet the only way I could truly navigate was by following my own beating compass.

Loving my life off the beaten path.

Brené Brown, a research professor/social worker/story teller, explores many of the qualities I feel make up my horse heart in what she calls “wholeheartedness” in her books. You can check out her ten guideposts for wholehearted living here.

Whatever someone chooses to call it, there is that openness to life that is palpable when we follow our hearts, as clichéd as that may be. It can be such a strong force that it is actually contagious! So, with the intention of increasing this contagion and hopefully creating an epidemic, I am going to be incorporating more audio interviews into this blog.

In my last post, I had the privilege of interviewing Linda Kohanov, internationally renowned best-selling author, Founder and Director of Eponaquest, and also one of my mentors. I look forward to speaking with others about their heart paths. I am honoured to share my own stories, but I am one drop in an ocean of inspiration.

Hearing the stories of how others have overcome challenges, walked the road less travelled, and continue to find their life’s heart rhythm is like receiving an electric jolt of encouragement. I’m hopeful others will enjoy it too.


If you would like to be interviewed about your horse heart, let me know.

This is part of a continuing story, click here to start from the beginning.

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