Healthy Heart, Healthy Business

Returning from Arizona after completing my final Eponaquest Instructor’s course was bitter sweet.

The sweet: I love coming home to my farm and reconnecting with my human and horse family. Getting back in the swing of farrier life has its physical challenges – it doesn’t take long to get out of shape! Despite the workout, it feels good to be back helping horses and feeling their hooves in my hands.

The bitter: I have been part of a remarkable group of people, learning and working together for the past year- this was the end. Goodbyes are tough.

Luckily, physical distance is easily bridged in this age of technology and communication! One of my colleagues, Corinne Dumont, generously connected with me from Belgium via Skype for an interview.

Corinne shares with us her brave entrepreneurial spirit, truly exemplifying how important a heart awareness and connection is in life and business. Corinne co-owns Séquoia Bio & Natural Market, a chain of health food grocery stores in Belgium. She also just started a new business, Sense and Connect, a leadership academy based on Eponaquest material, developing greater emotional intelligence with tools to better manage social interactions. There will be a conference to launch this new project June 20th 2018 in Brussels – check it out here.

Corinne has opened her horse heart to share with us – have a listen.

Corinne Dumont and I in Arizona. 


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