Friendship Heals the Heart

Good friends are rare, especially those who stand the test of time.

While in high school, I experienced significant bullying in the earlier grades. I attended an all-girls school which proved many of the stereotypes true: intense cliques, backstabbing, harmful group-think, and low self-esteems that resulted in higher than normal percentages of eating disorders and self-harm.

It wasn’t all bad – the teachers there were absolutely amazing, and it taught me so many valuable social lessons, even if they were sometimes learned the hard way. Although I am grateful for how I grew in those times, the thought of living it again makes me want to run for the hills.

What really got me through some tough times was developing friendships with a group of incredible people outside of school, many of whom I am still close with today. One such beautiful person, inside and out, is Andrea Elalouf.

As the years have passed, time between our visits becomes longer and talks become fewer, but when we do connect it feels just like we are seventeen again, hanging out in my basement with our group, revelling in the support we receive from open-hearted friendship.

Andrea has agreed to share her heart with us – have a listen and enjoy.



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