A Heart for Music

I’ve always loved music. Over the years, I’ve gravitated towards different instruments: piano as a kid, trombone in high school, and finally guitar after realizing that trombone isn’t quite as much fun around a campfire. Although it took me a while to pick it up, the guitar has become more than an instrument, it is a friend.

I’m also lucky to have been surrounded by family and friends playing live music my whole life. One of those people is Cordell Henebury, an extremely talented and accomplished guitarist, and equally gifted teacher.

Cordell Henebury playing guitar, front left.

Cordell is married to one of my mom’s closest friends, and I’ve always enjoyed his company, jokes and jam sessions. I took a few guitar lessons from him in Montreal before moving away, and I continue to learn from those hours each time I play.

Cordell now teaches music in a primary school, and is breaking the shackles of traditional learning by treating his students with respect and giving inspired musical experiences. We should all be so fortunate to have someone like Cordell as a teacher.

I am attaching a video of Cordell conducting his students in a combined percussion and choir group. Scroll down to watch, and if you can, listen to the interview first to hear Cordell’s enthusiastic backstory of this incredible group of young musicians.

For anyone in Montreal, the Jazz Fest is coming up soon and you can find Cordell hosting open Jam Sessions at Brutopia, from June 27th to July 7th, starting at 10pm. If you’re not in Montreal, this is a great time to go visit!

I am deeply grateful to Cordell for doing this interview and sharing his articulate, humorous, and wholehearted musical perspective on teaching, playing and life.


Cordell Henebury

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4 Replies to “A Heart for Music”

  1. My heart goes to every teacher. It is in my ADN to teach and your friend seems to be what we call « a natural ». Very good interview and your writing is getting better all the time. Music is fabulous to have around and even if I am not gifted like you, I still play music. Funny, I started with guitar in high school, too difficult to do on my own, I took piano lessons the last five summers with a friend of mine. Music is definitely one of my best friends. Keep up the good posts, Carmen!

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