A Heartfelt Approach to Medicine

I could say a lot of negatives about social media, but sometimes it serves a beautiful purpose.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a heartfelt message from Victoria Korsos, a woman I haven’t seen in many years. In fact the last time we saw each other we were twelve years old, graduating from Willingdon elementary school in Montreal.

I had posted something on Facebook which caught her eye and led her to read my blog. Unlike some who may have enjoyed reading and continued scrolling, Victoria took the time to write to me, extending a true feeling of connection despite it being on a little screen. Her message was also addressed to my mother, who had written a guest blog earlier this year about her experiences with cancer. Victoria, diagnosed at 22 with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, resonated with that post in particular.

Victoria Korsos

The message was not only deeply meaningful, but incredibly timely as it was received while I was in the car with my mom while she was visiting from Montreal. We read it together and felt equally shocked, inspired, and grateful.

Courageous and determined, Victoria is a seven-year cancer survivor who is now a medical doctor herself. She is a fourth-year resident specializing in hematology-oncology at McGill University. Her experiences being a patient have added to her innate compassion and awareness, and she is working hard to combine the sciences and humanities to give patients and their families the best possible hospital experiences.

We are all so lucky that Dr. Victoria Korsos agreed to share some of her life and heart with us in this engaging interview. I hope you feel as encouraged and hopeful as I did speaking with her. Enjoy.

Dr. Victoria Korsos

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