Fitness Fuels the Heart

When I left Montreal to live in the country, I would joke that the only things I missed about the city were the three F’s: family, friends, and food. My most recent interview, however, made me a bit nostalgic of my days living in NDG, the Montreal community where I grew up.

Living in NDG felt more like living in small town rather than the big city it was surrounded by. That feeling was reinforced by attending Willingdon Elementary School and being a part of a year that I believe to be unusually connected to this day. Some of my closest friends are “Willingdonites”, as well as my husband, Aquila.

I recently interviewed one such long lost classmate, Dr. Victoria Korsos, which serendipitously led to Miles Krol listening and signing up to be an interviewee himself.

Miles Krol, owner and founder of Milesfit,

Miles is the owner and founder of the personal training studio Milesfit – the go-to place for private fitness in Montreal’s NDG. What once started as a one-man operation within a small basement has now flourished into a passionate team of personal trainers within a large multi-room facility.

Although he doesn’t mention this in his interview, Miles wasn’t always as fit, healthy, and happy as he is today. In his early twenties, he told me how he got “off-track” and he forgot to take care of himself. Using food as his primary way to deal with the stressors and challenges of life, he became heavily overweight, fatigued, and inflamed.

Then, a photograph changed his life. Miles saw himself in a picture taken while he was eating at a steakhouse, and he saw a version of himself he didn’t like and couldn’t ignore it. He realized he wasn’t practicing what he preached and was not being a good role model for his clients. Miles took hold of his life’s reins, setting out on a journey that completely changed his body, mind, and soul by successfully losing 120 pounds.

Now, Miles is a man on a mission to help as many people as possible. Through his work at his personal training studio, and his many workshops, lectures, and online videos, Miles uses his knowledge and personal transformation story to inspire, motivate, and teach others how to be healthy, fit, and happy. This deeply comes across in the interview.

It was an absolute joy to interview Miles, and a delight to learn about another Willindonite, many years later. No doubt Miles makes an exceptional trainer and coach, and we are lucky that he shared some of his heart with all of us. Enjoy.

Miles Krol – check out Milesfit HERE.

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