Heartfelt Self-Care

Self-care can be hard. At this time of year, I feel like I have to claw out a corner of time to give to myself and fight my urge to get busy doing something else. The effort is always worthwhile as I love my time alone, and I am much better able to tackle the next project feeling refreshed.

Part of this challenge to make me-time is rooted in a deep awareness of the struggles so many go through while I am here, with food on my table, a farm as my backyard and horses wandering my fields. Gratitude can blur with a sense of guilt of the global inequities, and this can drive me to feeling “wrong” when I take a moment to breathe.

Luckily, I have become more aware of this over the years and I’m getting better at recognizing what I need to do to stay healthy, happy, and feed my needs.

Someone who seems to have a great understanding of self-care is social worker, family friend, and wonderful human being, Jaye Harry. She has a great balance of maintaining strong boundaries with an open heart – particularly impressive as burnout is a major topic in the helping professions.

Jaye’s warmth and joyfulness strongly come through in this interview. Have a listen and enjoy.

Jaye Harry and I, enjoying the farm and the friendship. 

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