Trusting Hearts and Guts

It’s always easier to connect the dots looking back in time. I’ve had many moments in my life where I decided to do something that seemingly made no sense, but some inner voice shouted TAKE THIS ROAD!

Leaving the city, becoming a farrier, buying a farm, and most recently becoming an Eponaquest Instructor, were all choices that people in my life seriously questioned. At the time, it was impossible for me to clearly justify these decisions to myself, never mind others. I had to find the trust in my intuitive voice to take the path unknown, and the courage to follow my horse heart.

Learning to trust my instincts isn’t always easy, and sometimes I get a harsh reminder. Recently, I had an injury that would have been prevented had I acknowledged my intuitive warning system, but I waved it off like an annoying fly – a broken tail bone was the price.

After a few weeks of questioning how a small bone could cause so much discomfort, I am grateful to be feeling strong again, and I’m even more intent than ever on trusting my instincts.

During my recovery time, I had the pleasure of interviewing someone who strongly relies on intuition to find her life path as well. Micheline Maes, a fellow Eponaquest Instructor who was part of my apprenticeship group in Arizona, graciously shares her wholehearted perspective on being an introvert, self-care, horses, life philosophy, and much more.

Micheline works as a family mediator in Alberta – you can check out her business Maes Consulting here. She is also a loving mother of four children, grandmother to two, and an avid horsewoman. She is currently developing a website  for her new business, The Lion Heart Project, offering her Equine Faciliated Learning services which will be available soon.

Have a listen to our interview and enjoy.

MIcheline Maes My Horse Heart.jpg
Micheline Maes and her former horse, Cheerios.

How do you find courage to trust you heart and gut?


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