Heartfelt Goodbye

The past couple of weeks have been filled with challenge, joy, grief, exhaustion and so much love from family and friends. Last week, Sol Horowitz, my grandfather, my Zayde, passed away.

Sol Horowitz

My family is a close one. Growing up, I spent a tremendous amount of precious time with my maternal grandparents. Sleepovers, picnics, games, belly laughs and ice cream on the front steps make up a significant portion of my childhood memories.

My beautiful family celebrating my Bubby’s 90th.

As an adult, although I live nearly an eight hour drive away, we maintained a loving connection making the most of phone and Skype dates. Both my Bubby and Zayde have been a consistent source of love, support and ear-to-ear smiles my whole life. How lucky I have been, and how hard it can be to say good-bye.

A lucky granddaughter with her Bubby and Zayde.

Upon receiving the news, I quickly made arrangements to head back to Montreal to be with my family. It was a gift to be there.

At his funeral, I gave a eulogy for Zayde – other than the rabbi, mine was the only eulogy. I was nervous, I was crying, but I made it through and was so honoured.

Sol and Lillian Horowitz, my grandparents, many moons ago.

Death is a chapter we will all have to face, often many times – losing others and eventually ourselves. Although it is not something we like to talk about or look at, it also serves the best reminder to live well.

Sol and Lillian Horowitz, the love of their lives and married 72 years.

Sol Horowitz lived well – kind, modest, loving and honourable. The rabbi used a description I loved and felt so true: he was a king-maker. In my case, he made me feel like a queen.

Grateful for every day.

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13 Replies to “Heartfelt Goodbye”

  1. What a beautiful tribute Carmen. To love and be loved so unconditionally and with such joy. I am certain you will carry on his legacy and be his queen forever. Xo

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  2. That is a beautiful blog carmen! And I love the photos, they are beautiful, as lil and sol are. Your eulogy was magnificent, warm and hit to hearts of us all. We will deeply miss Sol (your Zaydie). Keep his memories alive within you and all around you. Rhonda xoxoxo

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      1. We loved your grandfather for all the time that we knew him. He was a very special, kind, caring, loving, funny, intelligent, talented, and insightful man. The world is poorer because he is gone. His family, including us, will never forget him and never stop missing him.

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