A Homeopathic Heart

Blue skies and full sun have been filling my days here in Arizona. I am back for my fourth and final session at Eponaquest, completing my training to be an Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) Instructor. I don’t want it to end.

View of Elephant Head Mountain in Arizona.

So many moments here have enriched my life, and it has stretched me to become a better human and horseperson. A large piece of that experience has been being part of my amazing group of fellow Apprentices, now Instructors.

One such Instructor is Sylvain Imbs. Sylvain is a doctor of homeopathic medicine who practices and resides in France. In addition to caring for his patients, he has been running many EFL workshops throughout France and in Northern Arizona, and he recently graduated to become an Advanced Instructor of the Eponaquest work. You can check out his business, Equintessence, here.

Not long ago, Sylvain had his first book published Les chants sacrés du cheval: L’approche traditionnelle du cheval par les Indiens Navajos. This translates to Sacred Songs of the Horse: The Traditional Approach to Horses by the Navajo, and will one day hopefully be available in English. His book documents his tremendous journey learning with the Navajo in Northern Arizona, recording much of their oral history and describing his own experiences. It is available on Amazon

I am so grateful Sylvain agreed to share his horse heart with us. May the inspiration be catching!

Sylvain and I celebrating Eponaquest Graduation. 

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