A Heart for Knowledge

As a farrier, continuing education is important to me. Every year my business partner, Rodd, and I travel to various clinics and conventions in Canada and the United States so we can keep learning, improving, and helping the horses we serve.

A few years into my farrier career, I attended the International Hoof Care Summit in Ohio – the biggest farrier convention in the world with over a thousand people attending. I was hungry for knowledge.

One night, there was a sponsored dinner – free food? I’m in! Most tables were full, but Rodd and I spotted two empty seats. We sat down and quickly realised everyone at the table was also from Canada (an unlikely scenario at the Summit). One woman, Sylvia Kornherr, caught my attention with her enthusiastic conversations about the material we had been learning. The more she spoke, the more I realised she knew and I found myself soaking up her words about nutrition, hoof care, and overall horse health. She would explain details to me backwards and forwards, never tiring of my incessant questions. Before we knew it, we were the last people in the hall and we’d been talking for five hours.

PHOTO_ Carmen & me-EDITED.jpg
Sylvia and I at a farrier convention. 

Sylvia has since remained a close friend and mentor. I see her at many of the educational events I attend, and she has introduced me to other equine professionals who help teach and encourage me.

I am so grateful I sat down at that table, and very excited she agreed to do an interview with me talking about her Horse Heart. Enjoy.

Sylvia Kornherr and her mare, Rudy. 


Would you like to talk about your Horse Heart? Let me know. 

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