Bite Back to Reality

The smallest horse in my barn continues to teach me the biggest lessons.

It was early morning a week or so after my husband Aquila’s surgery. He was starting to regain mobility, but still far from being able to help with farm chores. I had taken time off to help him recover, but I was now able to squeeze in some hours at work between house and barn duties.

The farm was still and I was hustling. 

I had twenty minutes before I had to get on the road. There was a list in my head that created a translucent image overlaying everything I looked at, almost like I was wearing google glasses (or at least like I imagine they would be).

I was checking off items methodically and efficiently – every movement I made was carefully planned out and executed to maximize impact and minimize time. I was proud of myself for getting it all together. If things kept going according to my timeline, it was all going to fit it in perfectly.

Only a few things left to do, including throwing a blanket on Grace and leading the horses outside. Spring was already sharing Grace’s stall, safely waiting for the boys to be turned out first. I marched into the stall muttering a quick hello as I tossed the blanket over Grace and hurriedly fastened the straps. I could tell she was giving me the sideways glare not appreciating my manners, but I told myself I could make it up to her later when I wasn’t so busy.

Grace and Spring sharing some stall time. 

Spring was cleaning up Grace’s breakfast crumbs as she does most mornings – she hadn’t looked up at me the whole time I had been in the stall. I whipped around from finishing with Grace and brushed by Spring, making a B-line for the door when CHOMP!

There was searing pain shooting up and down my leg and it took me a moment to even realize what had happened! Spring had so casually gone back to nibbling at the leftovers that it was hard to believe how fast she reached over to bite my thigh on the way by.

I yelled, making Spring and Grace both jump, but I immediately knew I was in the wrong. Yes, my leg was pounding and I would end up with a beautiful bruise, but ultimately Spring had a point: it never goes well to rush.

Spring’s cheeky yet wise expression. 

No matter what kind of schedule I am creating, there always needs to be time to stay present and aware of my surroundings. When interacting with other beings, like my horse family, being attentive to the communication and relationship needs to be high on the priority list. Perhaps at the top.

A humbling lesson that my attitude needed a course correction, and a big reminder not to underestimate a mini!

Taking time to enjoy the moment.

Have you had a humbling course correction? Would love to know, leave me a comment.

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