Why We Need Horse Sense in Business – An Interview with Gail Boone

I have always been in an entrepreneurial environment. Growing up with my parents running a television production company primed me to be thinking about how to best run a business. Now, an entrepreneur myself, the intricacies of business practice played a significant role in my pursuit of becoming an Advanced Eponaquest Instructor.

Why? Because there is no business without relationship. Relationship defines every aspect of it. Yes, concrete skill in whatever the business is offering is imperative, but organizations with some of the most qualified people still fail. I strongly believe this has to do with all those qualities that tend to fall under the umbrella of soft skills.

The ability to communicate, relate, lead and manage, is exactly what horses teach.

Leadership development with a new perspective.

During my intensive studies in Arizona at Eponaquest, I was highly inspired by the incredible group of people I met. Learning to coach for socially intelligent leadership with the help of horses, we all brought unique qualities to the table which enhanced our understanding of the material, and how far reaching its potential truly is.

One such person who deeply added to my own knowledge base, and brought years of impressive experience to the table, is Gail Boone. She has generously shared her time with us as part of the interview series for this blog.

BOSKO (48)
Gail Boone with her horse, Bosko.

Gail is an Executive Coach, and Professional Certified Coach, with extensive experience in education and organizational development. Starting out as a nurse and then teaching nursing for about a decade, she moved into various management roles in the public sector. This led Gail to holding the executive role of Director of Human Resources for Nova Scotia’s provincial government. She taught in the Masters of Health Administration program at Dalhousie University for fourteen years, and was recognized with several awards for her exceptional teaching ability and contributions. Gail carries all of this with her into her independent practice, where she is also a Facilitator of the LEADS Learning Series, a 360 LEADS Debrief Coach,  an Equine Facilitated Coach, and now, an Eponaquest Master Herder Instructor. She owns and operates Next Stage Equine Facilitated Coaching in Nova Scotia.

In my interview with Gail, we take a hard look at what it means when an organization isn’t healthy, why open mindedness matters, and how the best leaders are always seeking to improve. She shares her wholehearted perspective on how working with horses raises the level of any business, individual and life overall.


Gail and Oliver, another member of the horse team. 

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2 Replies to “Why We Need Horse Sense in Business – An Interview with Gail Boone”

  1. I loved Gail’s advice at the end of the interview. Too often we think of what’s next, getting that to-do list done etc. Her message will stay with me. Thank you Carmen for bringing her message to me.

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