An Old Fashioned Barn Build

There are many near-legendary stories of barn-raising parties from the past. People would get together and work incredibly hard, not for money or recognition, but for the community and a good meal or two. These days that can sound like folklore, but somehow, I had the good fortune to experience it.

Moving onto our farm, I believed it would be simple to bring my horse home. We would convert the old cattle feeding building into a barn, set up some fences, and presto!

Apparently, having no experience in construction has a price…

I learned that our cattle building was leaning due to a poor foundation, and it had to be torn down. I was distraught. We were already stretched thin financially having just bought the farm; there was no way we could afford to build a barn from scratch. I desperately wanted to move Grace home and my heart ached at the probability of it taking many years.

The existing building that had seen better days.

Just when I thought I was out of options and I would have to put my dreams on hold, a beyond-belief helpful neighbour decided to donate his contracting knowledge, time, and many materials. As if that wasn’t enough, he brought his excavator over to dig proper footings and drainage. Other members of the community also contributed their labour to the project, as did friends and family from far and wide. Even a few of my clients donated their working hands and recycled supplies.

Starting to strip the building.

Over that summer the building was taken down board by board, saving every piece of material possible. That fall, board by board, the barn was rebuilt with blood, sweat, and only a few tears. Together we created a safe, strong and reliable home for Grace.

Beginning to rebuild.

The project was completed at a fraction of the cost with copious gifts and gratitude. Each time I look at it, I see all the faces of an incredible group of people. Every nail, plank, and piece of steel has a beautiful story to tell, reminding me how fortunate I am to live amongst such generosity and cooperation.

It can be so easy to get sucked into the stories we hear on the news and believe that the world is inherently broken. All over the planet people are fighting, hungry, sick and dying. But there are also stories just like this one, happening in every corner of the earth. People working hard to unite instead of divide, making positive changes even if in the smallest of ways.

May every act of kindness we receive restore our sense of hope, and inspire us to pay it forward.

A labour of love, our new barn.

Have there been any inspiring events encouraging faith in humanity for you? Tell me about it, I would love to know.

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9 Replies to “An Old Fashioned Barn Build”

  1. I love this story as it unfolds. The stories of strength and hope are indeed everywhere to be seen and experienced. One just has to take the time to look. Having gratitude every day is a wonderful starting place for reaching into the inherent health, hope, and healing that exists within us all.

    By watering the seeds of love, compassion, hopefulness, etc. we begin the wonderful process of growing and healing,

    With Great Love, One Wonderful seed at a time, ❤ Pamela

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