Sharing the Magic

The holidays can bring the best of times and the worst of times.

For many, the smells, tastes, warmth and connection make up the beautiful spirit of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or any other holiday being celebrated around this time of year. I deeply hope you are fortunate to have that as your story.

There is a magical quality to this time of year.

If, like so many, this time brings pangs of painful memories, family drama, or depression that gets worse while looking at how happy everyone else appears to be, my heart goes out to you.

Sometimes we lose touch with our inner magic. 

A friendly acquaintance once said to me that no one should be alone on Christmas, and proceeded to invite me to her family celebratory dinner. She has since become one of my dearest friends.

Sometimes we are reminded about our magical side, and it comes back.

I encourage all who may be reading this to reach out this year. Reach out to those who may be alone. Reach out if you are on your own and want some company. Reach out to those in your life who may be struggling, and reach out to yourself to receive some delightful self-care.

Atticus is a master of reaching out. 

I wish you all a heartwarming, magical Christmas, and a joyfully surprising, growth-filled and loving New Year.

Merry Christmas, from my horse heart to yours. 


How do you reach out at this time of year?


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