Riding into the New Year

Carving out some time on a precious day off, I tacked up Grace and rode her out of the barnyard. Spring called out for the large mare as we left, still quite attached to her adoptive Mom. Grace seemed ready for an adventure and took little notice of the vocal miniature horse.

The air was crisp but the sun cut through winter and warmed my face. As I felt the steady four beat walk of Grace beneath me, I closed my eyes and imagined we were morphing into one being.

We slowly and deliberately made our way through the deep and fluffy snow – the perfect quiet workout for my four-legged friend and teacher. With just a thought, I halted our movement to face the expansive farm landscape. We slowly turned our heads in synchrony, taking in the view.

Grace – my noble equine partner.

I looked down at her black hair being heated by the sun – tiny rainbows glittered on each strand. Removing my glove, I felt the bite of the wind hit my wrist and make its way down to the tips of my fingers. The pain vanished when I reached down to snug my hand in her mane, combing it through in the way that makes her eyes slowly close and her head drop.

Spring had stopped calling, and I assumed she had become distracted by the extra hay I had left behind for her. I was wrong.

Just as Grace and I started moving again, I caught the flash of spring running towards the fence in our direction. Without hesitation, she busted through the strands that make up their enclosure, creating an explosion of white as she plowed straight into the snow bank on the other side.

As I absorbed the shock of Grace’s spook, I couldn’t help but laugh as our little mini struggled at a remarkable speed through the deep snow towards us. She was the Loch Ness of winter, her little head popping up above the blanket of snow with each stride.

Once Spring reached us, she stood in the tracks Grace had made, had a full body shake and seemed quite content with her escape. Mission complete.

Willpower springs out of Spring.

Looking back at this day, I look forward to 2019. I am inspired by the character, strength, determination and persistence of Spring. I am soothed, softened and infused with more presence of being with Grace teaching me how to enjoy the moment. Although I’m not one to make formal New Year’s resolutions, I’m deeply encouraged by my equine family to make the most of this upcoming year.

I’m encouraged to make the most of life.

The sun has set on another year, and a new one begins.

How are you encouraged to live life in 2019?

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2 Replies to “Riding into the New Year”

  1. To answer your question: Yes, I am very encouraged to bite into life this year!! (And since encourage means to put in heart and make strong it was the perfect word for you to have chosen). Thank you for taking me on that ride with you and Grace with this post, Carmen. I know it wasn’t the point but I’m curious: How did Spring bust through the fencing exactly?


  2. So happy to hear you are also encouraged (love that note about the word) to bite into life – yes!
    Happy to answer any question ☺️ Spring took a run at it and jumped through the strands of fencing 😂


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