Sticking Together Alone – Connecting from Self-Isolation

As many others are doing, I’m self-isolating.

Last week, I came into contact with two people who are now being tested for COVID-19/Coronavirus. As I wait for their test results to come in and I listen to the news, I’m hyper-aware of what this could mean in all its dark and gloomy glory.

I’m also filled with hope.

It’s a strange time, to say the least. On one hand, it feels like the world is falling apart – hearing what other countries are currently going through is heartbreaking, and it’s deeply concerning what Canada is heading into. On the other hand, I can’t help but feel the unique balance of risk and opportunity that is presenting to us, not just as a country, but globally.

There’s no doubt that we’ll all be deeply affected by these times, in one way or another. At this point, it’s fair to assume that life as we know it has changed for an unknown amount of time, and many of our loved ones’ health is in real danger. As we head into this change as a species, overcoming our differences and sticking together can become our greatest strength, even in isolation.

Making decisions that are “for the good of the herd”, meaning for the good of the whole, is imperative. Caring for each other is how we’re all going to get through this, and part of that means self-isolating to protect others and help our health care system handle this.

More than quarantining ourselves, we truly need to raise the bar in how we relate and communicate with one another. We need to be mindful of the immense stress levels we are all experiencing for a myriad of reasons. We need to find compassion for those who are acting out of fear, even when it’s so easy to judge their choices. We need be supportive in all the ways we can be, while following the advised precautions.

Holding the Earth
We need each other.

Whenever there’s some kind of disaster, the darkness can feel overwhelming. What’s so deeply fueling my hope in these times is that there’s an equal amount of light to go with the dark. What is that light? How we relate and connect.

NOW is the time to set our differences aside and find commonality.

NOW is the time to consider others as much as we consider ourselves.

NOW is the time to be courageously wholehearted.

I plan to take advantage of our incredible age of technology and be highly social during my isolation. I’m so grateful that as I make decisions to protect my community by not being physically part of it, I can still be connected to it. So can you.

I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all of our planet’s health care workers and those who work in health care facilities – nurses, doctors, paramedics, technicians, assistants, guards, janitors, and more. To ALL of you and your families, THANK YOU. Thank you for being on the front lines, trying your very best to keep this global ship afloat.

We’re going to get through this.

How are you connecting to others during these challenging times?

If you feel like it would be good for you to get some horse inspired wisdom that supports self-care, I’ve created an online course called Beyond Self-Care.
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Much of my blog is a continuing personal story.
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6 Replies to “Sticking Together Alone – Connecting from Self-Isolation”

  1. Glad you are back – we need you! You bring light to the darkness and perspective to chaos. Thank you, for helping me to embrace my own life challenges and changes, and for making your services accessible in times of need. I look forward to Saturday AM coaching calls!

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